Who should go to therapy?

Therapy is great for anyone who has a desire to get better.  In my experience, therapy can help most people except for those who have no interest in getting better.  Change can be had for anyone that is willing and you don't have to be miserable and hopeless to come in the door.  You might be in the midst of a difficult decision or just feeling a little lost in life.


What should I expect in therapy with you?

My therapeutic process is very interactive with a desire for helping my clients to get the most out of their lives.  In therapy you can expect the range of emotions from sadness to laughter and from anger to peace.  I tend to intermix personal stories as well as humor in my therapeutic method.  Overall, I am looking to get down to the root of what is going on so that we can help you to find freedom in your life.


Do you accept Insurance?

I currently work as an "out of network" provider for insurances.  Typically at the end of the month, I will print out a "Superbill" (summary of all visits with diagnosis and billing).  You can then turn that in to your insurance and be reimbursed for what your insurance typically returns either a percentage or a co-pay.


Is everything confidential that I share?

Unless I hear that you are a danger to yourself or someone else especially in the cases of child or elder abuse, your information is completely confidential. 


How long does therapy last?

I work in a framework of therapy that typically goes between 8-12 sessions depending on what you are struggling with at the time of therapy.  I have some clients that I see long term and for others I do short term work. 


How much?

My normal rate is $180 if you have a significant financial burden I am willing to help out by adjusting my rate or offering other options.